How did pickleball find its way into Tubac? It all began circa 2015 when individuals from other parts of the country arrived in town, introducing pickleball to the community. Armed with portable nets and ample tape, they fashioned a court in a parking lot. As more enthusiasts joined, the infectious enthusiasm spread. However, as their aspirations to become serious players grew, they sought a permanent home.

A dilapidated basketball court on Tubac Community Center property emerged as a potential site, though far from ideal—a narrow, unpainted concrete slab. Thus began a journey of collaboration with Santa Cruz County administrators and the Community Center to chart a path forward. Through determination and effort, they transformed the slab, meticulously measuring lines and weatherproofing the court against harsh conditions.

Ultimately, the County sanctioned the removal of the slab and the expansion of the court for two initial courts, but funding remained a challenge. Initial endeavors yielded mixed results: cracked concrete, paint dissolving in rain puddles, and torn temporary nets—inevitable growing pains.

However, amidst the challenges, the County opted to add two more courts rather than uproot the troubled ones. Despite ongoing fundraising efforts, the absence of a formal club persisted. Eventually, individuals with legal backgrounds stepped in to establish the inaugural LLC, setting up boards and opening a bank account. Though met with initial setbacks, the Tubac Pickleball Club gradually took shape.

Simultaneously, the court infrastructure evolved, with additions like wind screens and permanent nets. Today, the Club boasts bylaws, a structured board, insurance, and a sustainable framework. The Tubac Pickleball Club is now a permanent fixture, a testament to community perseverance and passion. 

We are incredibly proud of our club and each member who selflessly volunteers hours of hard work to maintain these courts in top-notch condition!